Costa Rica Living

Costa Rica Residence

Costa Rica is a beautiful country to live in. Whether for permanent residence or temporary residence, you can be assured of an ideal climate suitable for vacations, a safe and secure environment, welcoming nature of the locals, low cost of living, high-quality and low-cost health care, bargain real estate and countless ways to have fun as an individual, family or group.

The country has an established modern infrastructure and numerous airlines from different destinations such as from the United States and Canada fly into the country. Once you arrive in Costa Rica, one can choose an appropriate destination from a wide variety.

Costa Rica is home to thousands of foreigners. These people blend well with the locals and enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature endowed Costa Rica with. The process of migrating to Costa Rica is, however, lengthy and sometimes confusing to visitors. It is, therefore, a better idea to have an attorney who will break down the requirements and hasten the process to moving to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica living offers an amazing experience. The country is blessed with beautiful beaches with golden sand, friendly people, and a majority of them speaking English as a second language, a vast assortment of native plants and animals and the tropical climate. One can retire and live cheaply in Costa Rica without the hustles of the developed nations. All of this can be found in a tropical destination that draws tourists from all corners of the world.

After applying for permanent Residency, it may take anywhere from three to six months for the application to be processed and be approved, during this time, the applicant may choose to reside in Costa Rica while they wait for the approval of the permits.

Costa Rica has two popular forms of Permanent Residence these are foreign income and investment. Foreign income residency involves people with a retirement income of at least six hundred dollars per month or income from other sources of at least $1,000 a month.

For investment residency, the applicant must show that they have invested one hundred thousand dollars in an approved tourist or reforestation project in Costa Rica. Otherwise, the applicant must invest $200,000 in any other business in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica immigration and permanent residence procedure are strict and must be followed to the letter for the application to be is therefore to have an attorney resident in Costa Rica who is familiar with Costa Rica’s immigration laws. The Law Office of Melendez and Bonilla have specialized in Residency law and will therefore offer the necessary legal counsel to applicants looking for Residency permits in Costa Rica.

Sine it takes anywhere from three to six months for Residency application to be processed and be approved in Costa Rica. During this period, the applicant can choose to reside in Costa Rica while waiting for the application to be processed. After the waiting period, the Costa Rica immigration department will then make a decision concerning the application to either grant or deny the permanent residence to the applicant. However, a resident attorney will ensure that all the correct documents are submitted to the immigration department to ensure that the application for permanent Residence is approved.