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Immigration Law in Costa Rica

Are you considering moving to Costa Rica? Well here's a good reason why you should. Anyone who has recently migrated to Costa Rica will attest to the fact that the country offers a fantastic lifestyle that is affordable to a majority of people. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries to move to in the world. It is a tropical paradise to the locals and visitors, with a peaceful environment within and beyond borders.

The country is endowed with huge water bodies with some of the best and spectacular tourist attraction sites. People from other nations are considering Costa Rica immigration due to its prolonged period of political stability and the welcoming nature of the residents. The country has experienced an extended period of political stability that counts up to sixty years with very low incidences of crime.

Do you need an attorney when visiting Costa Rica for the first time? Yes, you do. Although the country is open to citizens from all over the world, the process of acquiring permanent residence involves a lot of paperwork and very strict and lengthy procedures. For foreigners who wish to make Costa Rica their home, they are advised to seek the services of a qualified attorney who is familiar with the Costa Rica immigration laws.

Visit us on for all your legal immigration needs. We are a Costa Rican based law firm, and we will provide you with a qualified attorney who will be able to speed up the immigration process while ensuring that all procedures are duly followed and the correct documents are submitted to the relevant authorities. Our services will save time as well as money for the applications. Let us worry about your immigration details while you take in the breathtaking experience of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has experienced extended periods of stability with more than 60 years of uninterrupted democratic rule. There are low incidences of crime within and without the capital city of San José and Costa Rica is one of Latin America's most peaceful nations.

Costa Rica's modern city offers reliable utility services to the residents, clean water, and long stretches of deserted tropical beaches, lush rain forests, fun beach towns, fresh mountain gateways, bustling cities and pristine lake regions

The country's cost of living is significantly low compared to that of other countries. Most people speak English as a second language and have a warm, welcoming nature to foreigners and other visitors. In some towns, locals take pride in teaching foreigners their mother tongue.

Most of the facilities are available at affordable rates. For most of the visitors, it is easy to make a decent living with an average income of six hundred dollars a month in Costa Rica. The cost of living in Costa Rica is a fraction compared to that of the some developed Nations.

Foreigners can be allowed to work in Costa Rica upon the successful application of their work permits, but before one can work, they need to have appropriate legal documents and work permits. These work permits are only available for Costa Rica citizens and those individuals who have acquired permanent residence in the country.

The process for acquisition of work permits in Costa Rica is lengthy and complicated. An attorney from will, therefore, be necessary for simplification of the whole process. The attorney will ensure all the necessary documents are submitted according to the Costa Rica Immigration requirements. Costa Rica immigration laws keeps changing with time and therefore an attorney can advise an applicant of the current changes.

For any individual wishing to move to Costa Rica, visit with the following documents: • Birth certificates • Passport • Police report • Marriage certificate (for those applying with their spouses)

After processing the documents, we will provide you with a powerful attorney in Costa Rica and a letter to the director of Costa Rica immigration stating why you wish to move to Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica all the immigration documents be translated into Spanish by a local Costa Rican Law office or the attorney who will assist you. The attorney will then get all the immigration documents legalized and then send them to Costa Rica's immigration department on behalf of the applicant for processing.

Usually, the application may take a duration of three to six months to process all the paperwork. However, with the help of our attorneys, you can speed up the process and have all the legal documents within the shortest time possible.

The law offices of Melendez and Bonilla have been helping immigrations with the immigration process for a long time now. They will guide you as an applicant on the required legal migration documents necessary, correct any problems with the Costa Rica immigration forms and resend them on your behalf for processing.

This will eliminate the delays that are usually occasioned during processing of the immigration documents. An attorney is also helpful to aid the candidate in sorting out any other problems they may encounter while in Costa Rica.

The law offices of Melendez ensure that visitors enjoy their visit to Costa Rica without worrying about the complicated laws and the lengthy procedures. They have helped many clients save their money and precious time that would otherwise be consumed following documents with the immigration department. Take advantage of the legal services offered by Melendez and Bonilla to have fun traveling to different destinations in Costa Rica.