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Costa Rica Naturalization

A foreigner can become a citizen of Costa Rica through naturalization. However, there are certain steps that needs to be taken before they acquire the citizenship. For an immigrant to gain citizenship in Costa Rica, they must present two witnesses to make the required declarations. They must also have a valid passport and legal residency papers.

Costa Rica law also allow its citizens to acquire dual citizenship. This means that an individual can obtain Costa Rica citizenship while maintaining that of their home country. This applies to foreigners who have duly followed naturalization procedures and those who are eligible for Costa Rican passports.

If you are looking to retire cheap in Costa Rica, you must have an average monthly income of $600 to acquire a permanent residence permit in Costa Rica. If you want to meet these requirements, and a host of other requirements, visit to apply for Costa Rica Naturalization.

A reputable local attorney can help an applicant to understand the various procedures and paperwork requirements and other tests required for eligibility of Costa Rica Naturalization. Since the cost of living in Costa Rica is relatively low, most people from developed nations take a small portion of their retirement income and social security to retire cheaply and live luxuriously in this safe Latin American country.