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Costa Rica Work Permits

Costa Rica immigration is becoming popular with citizens from all over the world, including the United States and Canada. There are several reasons for this, including the cost of living, the stable government, the beautiful climate, the fact that English is a second language for most of the people in Costa Rica, and more. Costa Rica work permits and Costa Rica immigration should both be handled by a competent attorney, as these legal matters may seem complicated and an experienced legal advisor may save you a lot of time, trouble, and expense.

A Costa Rica work permit is obtainable for an extended amount of time, even longer than one year; however certain requirements must be met. Certain individuals may obtain a Costa Rica work permit for more than a year, but they have to be specific and specialized job types, such as a scientist, a technician, a teacher, and the like. The other job type that will qualify for a Costa Rica work permit is certain business personnel and board members of companies that are national or international. The organization or company that will be employing the individual will have to provide documentation describing the functions of the employee, the length of the employment contract, any salary or wages that the employee will receive, and the justification of employment, or why this particular individual is needed by the company. The individual who needs a Costa Rica work permit will also need to supply a Police Certificate that has been issued within the last six months from the place of residence of the individual for the last two years.

Obtaining a Costa Rica work permit can be frustrating, time consuming, and quite confusing at times. By having an attorney in Costa Rica to handle matters, this process can be easier and a lot less confusing or frustrating. The attorney also can direct you or answer any questions you may have about what you need to assemble for the work permit, the entire process of obtaining a Costa Rica work permit, and any of the involved steps.

Costa Rica living is one of the biggest reasons for Costa Rica immigration. The people are very friendly, the government of the country is stable, the land and scenery are gorgeous, and the cost of living is very reasonable, and lower than a lot of other countries around the globe. Because of the increased Costa Rica immigration, there may be delays processing paperwork, laws may be modified, and other circumstances may change. By hiring the Law Office of Meléndez and Bonilla to handle your Costa Rica work permit, we will walk you through this process. We are located in Costa Rica, and we specialize in Costa Rica work permits.

Once you collect all of the required paperwork for a Costa Rica work permit, and it has been notarized, translated, and then legalized at the Costa Rican counsel, the counsel will sent the required documentation to the Immigration Department of Costa Rica and give you a receipt for the documents. Once this documentation is received by the Immigration Department, because we are your attorney in Costa Rica, we will have all of the documentation legalized in the Costa Rican State Department. There are a couple more steps to follow that we will go through with you to complete the Costa Rica immigration and Costa Rica work permit process. Costa Rica living is a terrific adventure, and we have helped many people with their Costa Rica immigration and Costa Rica work permit needs. Enjoy golden beaches or a high mountain, as the land in Costa Rica varies greatly, however the climate is tropical and there is an abundance of native plants and wildlife no matter where you go in the country. Let us help you in the legal process of getting and staying here.